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The MamaMiya range is what I call my ‘COVID-19 baby’ as the idea and inspiration behind the brand came into being during our level -5 lockdown in 2020.

As, like many other working Moms, I was stuck at home in front of my laptop working day in and day out in my gym clothes as this was the easiest and most comfortable clothing to work in at the time.

When restrictions eased down a few levels, I still found myself resorting to run to the shops, sometimes with my little girl Miya in tow, feeling frumpy and unlike what I should be feeling while wearing my gym clothes (thanks to all the banana bread and unnecessary consumptions during lockdown).

I started looking for more comfortable, easy, ready to wear matching ‘mom & me’ clothing with mom slogans and couldn’t find anything that I particularly liked without having to get someone to make it specifically for me. So I thought if I’m looking for this, (and I’m predominantly an online shopper), then surely other Mom’s might also appreciate having a ready to wear, fun ‘mom & me’ range that made them look cool, feel comfortable & gave them back some precious time instead of deciding what to wear for a shopping trip, or a picnic day whilst still having to deal with all their other motherhood duties.

The entire range is designed by me, manufactured locally and is a #proudlysouthafrican product, in an effort to add back much needed funds into our countries economy.

I genuinely hope that this range makes you feel like the amazing Mom that you truly are and connects you even more with your beautiful children!

Much Love & Light
Miya’s Mom

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